Ka Honua Momona, Intl.

A model of sustainability mauka a makai

Core Principles

Theory of Change…
If you picture a kupuna (wise elder) sewing a Hawaiian throw net, he starts with a maka (an eye) and slowly, but steadily, connects the aho (rope) until he has made enough rows of connections to form an entire net. We believe that participant of our programs go through a similar, iterative process, by experiencing each of our five core principles as many times as is necessary to gain the wisdom of our kupuna.

We believe that by weaving our 5 core principles –
Ho`ewe (Cultural Rootedness), Kahu Hoilina (Environmental Stewardship),  Kuka’i Ka Ha (Intergenerational Exchange), Ka`Imi`Ike (Lifelong Learning), and Mahuaola (Health and Wellbeing)
– through each of our programs, we will be equipping our `opio (youth) for the future.

Ho`ewe – Cultural Rootedness (link)
We seek to know, see, hear, smell, taste, touch and feel through a Native Hawaiian epistemology, recognizing that this is the host culture of the place in which we live.

Kahu Hoilina – Environmental Stewardship (link)
We seek to instill a reverence for the relationship between a land and its people by providing a powerful first connection between children and their environment, remembering to care for the earth before taking from it, and always returning places to better conditions than which we found them.

Kuka’i Ka Ha – Intergenerational Exchange  (link)
We seek to connect with each other and our community by engaging in intergenerational transfer of knowledge, where we value the wisdom of our elders and the history of our place. We value inclusion and seek to incorporate deep reflection and authentic sharing in order to ensure learning and transformation in ourselves, in our families, and for our community.

Ka`imi`ike – Lifelong Learning (link)
We seek to enable youth to become leaders at our site and in our community by providing them with loving, positive role models, high expectations, a safe place to fail and succeed, and opportunities for growth. We seek to both give and receive knowledge focusing on indigenous pedagogies and acknowledging that this is a lifetime commitment.

Mahuaola – Health and Wellbeing
We seek to teach our families about cooking with foods that are seasonal, native to our environment, have cultural significance and are part of a healthy diet. Through re-establishing the traditional model of health, physical activity, and lifestyle, our people of Molokai can begin to reclaim the robust health of our ancestors.

We believe when our `opio (youth) have developed a strong, sense
of identity, pride, community, and
spiritual connectedness they
can face any of life’s challenges.
Our `opio will be well equipped to
achieve their dreams!

KHM – Theory of Change Display 4×3