Ka Honua Momona, Intl.

A model of sustainability mauka a makai

Malcolm Mackey-Volunteer

Malcolm Mackey grew up in the Hawaiian islands, mostly on Oahu. Like many kids in Hawaii, Mr. Mackey left for the continental US, but eventually the pull of the islands brought him home in 2006. With his wife, Keri, Mr. Mackey also serves as a Molokai High School senior project advisor. Mr. Mackey brings the over 30 years of experience working with kids as a middle school and high school teacher and football coach to his volunteer work at KHM. He also brings his professional expertise as a union negotiator and organizer. Mr. Mackey received a BA in English from Tufts University in 1967, and an MA in Teaching Composition from the University of New Hampshire in 1986. He served as a United States Navy Commissioned Officer from 1967-1972. He fulfilled two term as Treasurer on Ka Honua Momona’s Board of Directors continues to volunteer.