Ka Honua Momona, Intl.

A model of sustainability mauka a makai

Shared Leadership


Ka Wa’a Kaukahi – New Shared Leadership Model

The goal of our wa’a leadership model is “to create a new paradigm and pilot a viable model of shared women’s leadership that supports a healthy work/life balance for native and local mothers of children 0-8.” 

For the first time ever, women make up half of the workforce in America. Two-thirds of families have a mother who is the primary or co-breadwinner in their family. Yet the workforce remains largely unsupportive of this new reality, and continues to be based on a now obsolete model of families with one working father and a stay-at-home mother.

Non-profit organizations are also struggling to recruit and retain dynamic new leadership. Executive directors of non-profits typically last only a few years in their position before burning out and moving on to more lucrative endeavors.

There is a wave of new initiatives being implemented in the workplace to counter these two growing trends. To this movement Ka Honua Momona offers, The Wa’a, a new model for shared woman’s leadership.

In this six year pilot project, two women shared the executive role for Ka Honua Momona in a cyclical manner that parallels the needs of the organization. The four area of expertise are: 1) Foundation Building, 2) Youth Engagement and Curriculum Development, 3) Resource Development/Policy and Advocacy and 4) Community Planning/Ohana Building. This model provides a sustainable structure that allows individual employees and their families as well as the organization to grow and flourish together. Please contact Ka Honua Momona if you are interested in a copy of our original white paper or the ensuing case study!